Vascular Care

The peripheral vascular system refers to the network of veins and arteries that bring blood to the heart and lungs. Neurovascular procedures involve both the nerves and the blood vessels. The surgeons at CTVSA understand how these systems interact, and the best ways to provide treatments for both. Your pre-surgery consultation will give you and your caregivers an opportunity to understand recommended procedures and ask any questions you might have.

Varicose Vein Care

The good health, comfort and attractive appearance of your legs is the focus and center of our practice. At our vein clinic, you’ll be treated with the most appropriate healing methods, by an outstanding, personable, healthcare professional.

As a board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Irene Goldstein is unmatched in expertise and training when treating your spider veins, varicose veins, swelling, pain and other conditions.

Board certification and fellowship in vascular surgery puts Dr. Goldstein head and shoulders above other vein therapists. She brings to you and all her patients exceptional qualifications, uncommon education and profound experience to relieve your pain, improve your health and enhance your appearance.

It’s important to you that your legs are pain-free, healthy and attractive. Here at Revive Vein Center, it’s the only thing that’s important to us.

<center><a href="">Locations For Treatment</a></center>

Locations For Treatment

Located throughout the Chicagoland area, we have a location that is just right for you. Click here to see a list of hospitals that we work out of for your vascular care needs.

<center><a href="">Meet Our Vascular & Varicose Vein Staff</a></center>

Meet Our Vascular & Varicose Vein Staff

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<center><a href="">Vascular System Education</a></center>

Vascular System Education

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<center><a href="">Varicose Vein Education</a></center>

Varicose Vein Education

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